Why should I choose Trimble as my technology provider?

1. We have been working on the market for over 6 years and have the greatest experience in this area,

2. We have our own qualified staff of engineers and mechanics, we have a local warehouse of equipment and spare parts,

3. We are represented in all regions of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Georgia,  

4. We can offer flexible financial terms: leasing, rent, installments.  

How can I save money if I use these technologies?

The savings are made up of a number of factors:

a) fuel economy - by reducing the number of passes and motor cycle hours, as a result - fuel economy

b) Savings on materials - due to more accurate profiling of laying and cutting

c) saving on depreciation of the machine - the machine works more efficiently, the load is more even and balanced, its CTG (technical readiness coefficient) increases, as a result, the machine lasts longer, breaks less

Is it possible to equip Chinese machines with these technologies, for example, XCMG, LiuGong, Shantui, etc. graders?  

We offer solutions for any manufacturer, regardless of the brand.  

Tell us in general how the 3D system works? For example, using a motor grader

Generally speaking, the 3D leveling system complex consists of:

a) attachments for equipment - a set of wiring, angle sensors, control unit / monitor, radio modem, hydraulic valve block, signal receivers (satellite receivers or optoelectronic prism), 

b) geodetic equipment - satellite receivers (base and rover) robotic total station, 

c) office software. 

How it works: The machine is equipped with equipment, measurements are taken and the system is calibrated. In the office, a surveyor or designer prepares a digital 3D project in software. Next, this project is loaded into the machine block. Surveying equipment is installed in the field, which sends a signal to the board of the machine. As a result, the machine determines its position relative to the project. The operator turns on the automatic operation mode and the working body begins to move in automatic mode in accordance with the loaded project.The task of the operator: to operate the machine, monitor the material.And the formation of the project slope and grade is taken over by the automation.