Features and Benefits

Core Product Functionality

  • Create and manage design data to avoid costly mistakes
  • Win more bids by preparing earthwork and construction models quickly and accurately with expanded levels of detail

  • Reduce rework by ensuring data is clean, up-to-date and delivered in the right format to get the job done

  • Increase profit by optimizing the creation of site and corridor models

  • Reduce drive time by effectively and seamlessly managing data between the office and field

The Core Product is available as a free download from www.trimble.com/powerofsoftware. Add-on modules extend the functionality of the Core Product, find out more about the Pack options below.

Managing your data has never been easier with Business Center – HCE from Trimble. The Construction Pack Advanced brings the power of all the major Business Center – HCE modules (Surface Tools, Image Manager, Data Prep, Takeoff, Site Mass Haul, Road Takeoff Tools, Corridor Mass Haul and Intersection Design) and adds the Advanced Drafting tools.

  • Streamline your entire workflow from estimation, to design through preparation and to drafting
  • Rapidly generate or edit drawings to improve accuracy and reduce rework

Data Preparation Pack

Preparing your data has never been easier with Business Center – HCE from Trimble. Efficient construction operations begin with accurate data preparation. Not only does Business Center – HCE ensure data is clean and delivered to the site in the right format, it can also be used to check and prepare data for bidding, estimating and earthworks management.

  • Effectively clean, check, prepare and manage data for field operations
  • Create 3D constructible models of your project from multiple data sources

Drill and Pile Manager Pack

Managing your drilling and piling data has never been easier with Business Center – HCE from Trimble. Specialized construction requires specialized tools; the Drill and Pile Manager Pack is ideal for creating drill plans and reports for the Trimble® DPS900 Machine Control System for Drilling and Piling.

  • Rapidly create optimized 3D pile plans, then generate comprehensive quality and production reports to increase profits
  • Take the plan to the field and execute against the 3D constructible model
  • Perform QA analysis on field operations against your drilling plan

Road Takeoff Tools Pack Plus

The Road Takeoff Tools Pack Plus gives you the ability to to form a corridor model to allow you to quickly see locations and quantities of materials.

Containing all of the tools needed for road takeoff and estimating, this pack is designed for the requirements of roadway construction and ideal for road projects of all kinds. Enhanced tools for Site Data Managers and GPS Managers enable users to select, create, edit data, as well as generate reports and plots or publish information.

  • Easily model and check corridor data from multiple data sources including Adobe® PDF cross section data
  • Use intuitive tools to create surfaces for your corridor models and manage aerial image data
  • Includes mass haul analysis tools for the management of in situ and construction grade materials using borrow and waste sites, and processing locations

Utility Modeling Module

Simplify site and infrastructure construction. The Utility Modeling module provides takeoff capabilities and a new dimension to your project.

Storm, sanitary, water, gas and cable utility lines can now be modeled as a part of your project, along with the trench work required for construction.

  • Parametrically model utility networks (storm, sanitary, water, gas, electric, cable) and associated trenches; change any aspect and it redraws automatically—including surface changes
  • Compute detailed takeoff quantities for estimating, and 3D models in the form of points, lines and surfaces for use with machine control and site positioning systems

Takeoff Pack Plus

Win more business with Business Center – HCE from Trimble by preparing earthworks and construction material quantity takeoffs quickly with expanded detail and sharper accuracy. The Takeoff Pack Plus contains all of the tools needed for site takeoff and estimating. Going beyond the basic office-to-field interactions, Business Center – HCE with the Takeoff Pack Plus can also enhance your estimating and bidding.

  • Perform site takeoffs from CAD or Adobe® PDF data and create 3D constructible models to analyze work balances
  • Create detailed estimation data for material quantities and manage topsoil quantities

Trimble’s Business Center — HCE office software is ideal for many marine applications, including:

  • Hydrographic surveying
  • Dredging surveys and volumes
  • Large multi-beam data set management
  • Marine and land construction design

Be more profitable, work more efficiently and reduce rework with Business Center – HCE.

  • Manage marine point cloud data to check for errors in the data set
  • View models in 3D to check validity of marine and land topography
  • Import data from third-party marine acquisition packages
  • Merge terrestrial and hydrographic data to manage the surf zone
  • Plot color coded waterway bed contours and cross sections
  • Input simple or complex channel designs
  • Evaluate different channel or breakwater alignments to quickly find the ideal design
  • Determine volumes prior to dredging and then report progress volumes
  • Use positive depths or positive elevations
  • Add optional modules as work tasks evolve

Business Center – HCE Hardware Requirements

Business Center – HCE works seamlessly with:

  • Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software
  • Trimble Siteworks Positioning Systems
  • Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System
  • Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform
  • Trimble PCS900 Paving Control System
  • Trimble CCS900 Compaction Control System
  • Cat® AccuGrade™ Grade Control Systems

Business Center – HCE has the same system requirements as other state-of-the-art CAD systems. Although it will run on many minimum category systems with small data files, performance will quickly become unacceptable as the amount of data increases.

Entry Level

  • Intel i5 or i7 Processor or equal speed AMD brand
  • DirectX Graphics Card
  • 512MB Graphics Memory
  • 1280×1024 Display
  • 4GB RAM
  • 300GB Hard Drive
  • Windows 7 or later – 64 Bit


  • Intel 7th or 8th generation i7 Processor or equal speed AMD brand
  • DirectX Graphics Card
  • 4GB Graphics Memory
  • 1920×1080 Display
  • 16GB RAM
  • 1TB SSD Hard Drive
  • Windows 7 or later – 64 Bit

The following website shows benchmark testing for CPUs and Video Cards http://www.cpubenchmark.net. This site is an excellent place to evaluate price and performance of individual components.

The biggest limitation for notebook computers is the video card. A card adequate for web and email programs may not be practical when using images or data sets of modest size. Notebook computers designed specifically for gaming or CAD are typically the best models to choose and may be the only models with 1GB or larger video cards.

We recommend a 1920×1080 (or larger) display wherever possible to maximize the graphics area that you have to work with. Business Center – HCE is designed to take advantage of dual monitors so this is another way to increase your working space.

Integrates With

VisionLink Unified Suite

No matter what your operational needs are, VisionLink Unified Suite applications can help you reduce costs and increase efficiency. VisionLink offers a unified view of health, location and productivity for your fleet, regardless of manufacturer.

SCS900 Site Controller Software

Stakeout, grade checking and measuring as-builts have never been easier or faster. Simple to use and learn, SCS900 works the way you work, delivering increased productivity and decreased surveying costs.